Outsourced CHRO

Hire a CHRO…… for less than the cost of a full time senior executive!!

Outsourced CHRO is a select group of Human Resource veterans with rich and varied experience across sectors and organizations. Each member is a handpicked professional with a solid record for delivery in highly demanding workplaces. One of these stalwarts can now be your CHRO with just a call crafting strategy to attract, motivate and retain your employees while activating, managing and building your brand and reputation these proven leaders can help you reach your business goals without burning down your cash. Best part, you can get a CHRO of your choice on board quickly with zero recruitment, training, and induction or retention costs.

Plug & Play:

Outsourced CHRO, gets you the team of your choice quickly at an incredible discount and jump start your business. A ready-made, team of Human Resource veterans with experience in entire gamut of HR can be yours at your call.

Right man for the Right job:

But aren’t the ‘right’ people expensive and why would they join, a little known start-up. What you need is a Human Resources ‘big gun’ at the CTC of a mid-level exec. Get yourself an Outsourced CHRO.

No Compromise Solution:

In this new economy, outsourcing and sharing resources is the new norm. Outsourced CHRO is a low-risk- high-returns option, perfect for today’s networked businesses. An Outsourced CHRO scores over both an employee and an Outsources agency by combining the best of both worlds allowing organizations to enjoy premium services at low costs.

Rapid Growth with Best Practices:

An Outsourced CHRO can ensure very fast growth with low cash and also get you the global best practices and processes. Doing everything all by yourself is not the way to go for low cost growth.

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